Cookie Policy

Lakes Service Centre is committed to protecting your personal information and ensuring your experience on this website is as safe and enjoyable as possible. This section contains information on how and why cookies are stored and how it will affect you.

What are cookies?
Cookies are used by most websites to improve your browsing experience. They are stored as temporary text files on your computer or mobile phone and contain small amounts of data.

Types of cookies
There are a number of different types of cookie and they perform different roles. Some simply store a unique reference to identify you. If you log into a secure area, for example, a cookie will be placed on your computer so the website remembers you for a pre-determined length of time and means you won’t need to keep logging in every time you navigate to a different page. It can also personalise areas of the site for you.
A cookie may also be used to track what pages are visited on a website. This may be done to gather statistics for research purposes so that the site owners can improve the level of service or simply find out which pages are the most popular. This data is anonymous and will not reveal any personal details about the visitor.

What Cookies does this site use?
Below is a summary of the types of cookie used on this website. If you feel uncomfortable by any of the explanations detailed below or would just like to continue your browsing with cookies disabled, you can control this from your browser settings. These settings will vary depending on what browser you are viewing. You may find that very little on the internet works well with cookies disabled:

Analytical / performance cookies
This website runs Google Analytics. This provides us with anonymous data to help us improve our website and potentially provide a better user experience. The data collected consists of the pages a user visits, how long a user was on the site, where the user came from (both regionally and from any referring source) as well as publicly accessible information on the browsing device the user is viewing the website on. Your IP address is anonymised so you cannot be identified.

Session cookies
Session cookies last for the duration of your visit. They are deleted as soon as they expire.