Professional MOT Service

Professional MOT Service

MOT For Your Vehicle

Your vehicle needs to adhere to prescribed standards of road safety and environmental health. If your vehicle passes, you get an MOT certificate. You need to know that the MOT does not intend to guarantee general mechanical condition of the vehicle. The MOT certificate just indicates that your vehicle meets certain standards. Lakes Service Centre brings you this simple guide to the MOT Test:

Is This The Right Time For Your MOT?

The first MOT test is required when your vehicle is three years old. Subsequently, you need to get an MOT test done every year. During the MOT test, various components such as registration plates, lights, steering, wipers and horn are tested. You get an MOT certificate if your car meets the prescribed standards.

Is Your MOT Garage Approved?

It’s important that MOT test facilities are in waterproof buildings. The test facility should not have oil contamination, exhaust fumes and noise pollution as far as possible. In addition, there should be inspection facilities such as underside access to carry out service or repair requests. Make sure that the test facility has a waiting area from where you can observe tests being conducted. The test facility should have adequate off-road parking as well.

MOT Test Disagreements

Feel free to contact Operator Services Agency (VOSA) if you are not happy with the test. It is better that you first discuss differences with your test station experts. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, contact the VOSA area manager at your local office. You can find the address of your local VOSA office displayed in your MOT test facility. This helps VOSA ensure that MOT test stations provide proper service to their customers.

Making MOT Simple

Just tell Lakes Service Centre about the vehicle you need the MOT for. Give us the opportunity to conduct an MOT test on your car. Call us on 0800 9808130 or 01642 485417 and forget all your worries. Drop in with a prior appointment or call in to meet us at Unit 1, Limerick Road, Dormanstown, Redcar.